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What exactly does environmentalism mean?

We’ve been hearing this term quite a lot now – almost every other day, the word ‘environmentalism’ or ‘environmentalist’ appears in some or the other article in the print media or some post on social media. We may even read these articles keenly, but – do we really know what environmentalism is? Or what environmentalists do? Are we aware of this new, upcoming environment related aspect? If not yet, its time now – read this know-all post about environmentalism.

The concept of environmentalism when broken down can be easily understood – concern for the environment, which makes one do something or take some action to create the environment (in turn the world), a much better and sustainable place to live in. This quality or aspect in an individual is not something that he acquires by birth but is wholly attributable to the kind of environment he was exposed to growing up. The urge to do something to improve the surroundings and create a difference that will positively impact the society at large doesn’t prop up suddenly, but it comes up as a result of constant observations of how a single person’s actions can impact the environment – positively or negatively.



Does this mean that only some of us are eligible to fit into the criteria of environmentalism? No, not really. Anyone who displays concern towards environmental issues is wholly eligible to be tagged as an environmentalist. How far these ‘environmentalists’ work towards positively impacting the environment varies though. And some of the noted environmentalists are known and famed not because they showcase concern for the environment, but they actually act upon this concern – finding ways and means to make sure that their actions are, in at least on a minor scale, creating an impact on the environment.

As the largest living species on planet earth, each one of us has a responsibility towards the environment. It’s not necessary for you to be a hard-core, die-hard environment freak – but yes, changing some ways which you consciously know are harming the environment in some or the other way, will definitely help. And not only that, but making an effort to try and get a few people, if not the entire world, at least your family to follow these positive ways to improve the environment helps.  Chart out what you can do best for the environment in your small ways – that’s enough to make you a good enough environmentalist.

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